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A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing

Author: Stephane Mallat

This book is intended to serve as an invaluable reference for anyone concerned with the application of wavelets to signal processing. It has evolved from material used to teach “wavelet signal processing” courses in electrical engineering departments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tel Aviv University, as well as applied mathematics departments at the Courant Institute of New York University and École.

Polytechnique in Paris.Provides a broad perspective on the principles and applications of transient signal processing with waveletsEmphasizes intuitive understanding, while providing the mathematical foundations and description of fast algorithmsNumerous examples of real applications to noise removal, deconvolution, audio and image compression, singularity and edge detection, multifractal analysis, and time-varying frequency measurementsAlgorithms and numerical examples are implemented in Wavelab, which is a Matlab toolbox freely available over the InternetContent is accessible on several level of complexity, depending on the individual reader’s needs

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