Intellectual Property Rights
Last Updated and Effective Date: June 26, 2021

Holooly is not an expert in each individual intellectual property owner’s rights, and owners are ultimately responsible for protecting their own intellectual property. If you believe that a particular posting violates your intellectual property rights, we need your help to identify the listing.

How to report infringing content to Holooly

Only the intellectual property rights owner can report potentially infringing content to Holooly.

If you are not the rights owner, you can help by reaching out to the rights owner and encouraging them to contact us.

To report a listing, you email us on

Policy Against Repeat Infringers

Holooly does not tolerate the abuse of its website by those who knowingly infringe on the intellectual property rights of content owners.

Our policy is simple: when we have a good faith, reasonable belief that infringing material has been placed on one of our sites either through a notice of claimed infringement from a rights owner or our own proactive efforts, we will: (1) promptly remove the infringing material; (2) send a message to the user posting the material informing them of the takedown and providing them with links to educational information; and (3) warn first time offenders that posting infringing materials will lead to suspension of Holooly account privileges. Should a review of the user’s account reveal that there have been prior postings of infringing material, we will take further action up to and including the suspension of that user’s ability to post content on all Holooly sites.

Are a professor’s lectures copyrighted? Can I legally post lecture notes on Notehall?

Many professors do not have copyrights in their lectures, as the lectures are often not fixed in a tangible medium nor sufficiently original to meet the standard for copyrightability. Many classes are an interactive exercise between students and professors, and the professor certainly doesn’t have a copyright in student input, either in or out of class.

Even so, Holooly requires class notes to be truly original, independent works, not recordings of the professor’s lectures. Your class notes should include information raised by students in or outside of class, and independent thought, analysis and commentary. Class notes must be substantially rewritten after class and include independent material; notes that use a lecturer’s words or that are not carefully reviewed, rethought and rewritten after class are not useful to or appreciated by students, and may be removed by Holooly.

Still, if a professor reviews your notes and reports to Holooly that the notes do, in fact, violate their copyright, Holooly will remove the notes. If a professor informs you that they do not allow students to sell notes from their lectures, or if your school has a policy against the sale of class notes, you should honor those wishes and immediately stop posting class notes.