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Question 12.7: A root of 3 sin x = x is near to x = 2.5. Use two iterations......

A root of   3 \sin x=x  is near to x = 2.5. Use two iterations of the Newton–Raphson technique to find a more accurate approximation.

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The equation must first be written in the form f (x) = 0, that is

f(x)=3 \sin x-x=0


\begin{array}{ll}x_1=2.5 & \\f(x)=3 \sin x-x & f\left(x_1\right)=-0.705 \\f^{\prime}(x)=3 \cos x-1 & f^{\prime}\left(x_1\right)=-3.403\end{array}



The process is repeated with  x_1  = 2.293 as the initial approximation:

x_1=2.293 \quad f\left(x_1\right)=-0.042 \quad f^{\prime}\left(x_1\right)=-2.983



Using two iterations of the Newton–Raphson technique, we obtain x = 2.28 as an improved estimate of the root.

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