Chapter 3

Q. 3.3

Apply SPICE methods to determine the CE transfer characteristics for the generic npn transistor (QNPNG).


Verified Solution

Figure 3-6(a) presents the connection method chosen for determination of the transfer characteristics.    The associated netlist code follows:

Vbe 1 0 0V
Q 2  1 0 QNPNG
Vc    2 0 1V
.MODEL QNPNG NPN(Is=10fA Ikf=150mA Isc=10fA Bf=150
+ Br=3 Rb=1ohm Rc=1ohm Va=30V Cjc=10pF Cje=15pF)
.DC Vbe 0V 2V 0.01V Vc 0V 2V 0.2V

Execution of 〈Ex3_3.CIR〉 and use of the Probe feature of PSpice yields the desired transfer characteristics displayed by Fig. 3-6(b).