Chapter 14

Q. 14.3.1

Determine orders from the rate law expression.

The reaction of methyl acetate with hydroxide ion
CH_{3}CO_{2}CH_{3} + OH^{-} → CH_{3}CO_{2}^{-} + CH_{3}OH
has the following rate law:
rate = k[CH_{3}CO_{2}CH_{3}][OH^{-}]
What is the order of reaction with respect to each reactant? What is the overall reaction order?


Verified Solution

You are asked to determine the order with respect to each reactant and the overall order for
a chemical reaction.
You are given the rate law for a chemical reaction.
Each concentration in the rate law is raised to the first power (the superscript “1” is not shown in the rate law), so the reaction is first order with respect to each reactant, CH_{3}CO_{2}CH_{3} and OH^{-}. The sum of the reaction orders gives the overall reaction order, so the reaction is second order overall.