Chapter 1

Q. 1.P.9

Determine the current through the 5 Ω resistor in the following figure.



Verified Solution

Consider the following equivalent circuit

Since there is violation of the KVL in the network, the circuit connection is physically not possible.
Applying KVL, we get

5 – 10 = 0 ⇒ −5 = 0

which is not possible.

Now consider the following equivalent circuit

Here applying KVL, we get
10 + 10 = 0 ⇒ 20 = 0
It is also violation of KVL, so physically not possible.
The value of current can be determined using the following circuit.

The voltage at 5 Ω resistor is V_{5  \Omega}=10  V , therefore current is

I_{5  \Omega}=\frac{10}{5}=2  A