Chapter 2

Q. 2.SP.27

For the resistor and battery values of Problem 2.26, use SPICE methods to simulate the function generator circuit of Fig. 2-41(b).    Implement using default diode parameters.    Determine the values of input voltage v for which the two break points occur.



Verified Solution

The describing netlist code appears below:

v    1 0 DC 0V
D1 1 2 DMOD
R1 2 3 6kohm
V1 0 3 DC 5V
D2 1 4 DMOD
R2 4 5 3kohm
V2 5 0 DC 10V
.DC v -10V 25V 0.25V

After executing  <Prb2_27.CIR>,  the Probe feature is used to plot the resulting i-v characteristic of Fig. 2-42, where it is seen that the nonideal diodes have resulted in shifts of the – 5  \text{V} and -10  \text{V} break points of Fig. 2-41(a) to -4.54  \text{V} and 10.61  \text{V}, respectively.