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Question 1.SGPYQ.26: In the given figure, the Thevenin’s equivalent pair (voltage......

In the given figure, the Thevenin’s equivalent pair (voltage and impedance), as seen at the terminals P-Q, is given by

(a) 2 V, 5 Ω         (b) 2 V, 7.5 Ω

(c) 4 V, 5 Ω         (d) 4 V, 7.5 Ω

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To find the Thevenin voltage open circuit the terminals P and Q.

By nodal analysis,

\frac{V_{ Th }-4}{10}+\frac{V_{ Th }}{10}=0 \Rightarrow 2 V_{ Th }-4=0 \Rightarrow V_{ Th }=2  V

To find the Thevenin resistance, short circuit the source.

R_{ Th }=\frac{10 \times 10}{10 \times 10}=5  \Omega

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