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Question 5.7: Name the following binary molecular compounds. a. S2Cl2 b. C......

Name the following binary molecular compounds.
a. S_{2}Cl_{2}         b. CS_{2}         c. P_{4}O_{10}         d. CBr_{4}

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The names of each of these compounds will consist of two words. These words will have the following general formats:
\quad\quad\quad\quad First word: (prefix) + \begin{pmatrix} full  name  of  least \\ electronegative  nonmetal \end{pmatrix}

\quad\quad Second word: (prefix) + \begin{pmatrix} stem  of  name  of  more \\ electronegative  nonmetal \end{pmatrix} + (ide)
a. The elements present are sulfur and chlorine. The two portions of the name (including prefixes) are disulfur and dichloride, which are combined to give the name disulfur dichloride.
b. When only one atom of the first nonmetal is present, it is customary to omit the initial prefix mono-. Thus the name of this compound is carbon disulfide.
c. The prefix for four atoms is tetra- and for ten atoms is deca-. This compound has the name tetraphosphorus decoxide, and the structure shown in Figure 5.14.
d. Omitting the initial mono- (see part b), we name this compound carbon tetrabromide.


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