Chapter 8

Q. 8.6

Repeat Example Analysis 5 using the following data:

Shaft diameter: 2r = 50 mm

Square key side: a = 12.5 mm

Key length: \ell = 37.5 mm

Maximum key shear stress: τ_{max} = 200 MPa


Verified Solution

From Eq. (b) of the solution of Example Analysis 4 the shaft moment T is:

T = ra\ellτ (a)

By substituting the given data values, T_{max} is:

T_{max}=\left[\left(25\right)\left(10^{-3} \right) \right]\left[\left(12.5\right)\left(10^{-3} \right) \right]\left[\left(37.5\right)\left(10^{-3} \right) \right]\left[\left(200\right)\left(10^{6} \right) \right]Nm


T_{max}=2.344kN m   (b)