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Question 4.2: Write Lewis symbols for the following elements. a. O, S, and......

Write Lewis symbols for the following elements.

a.  O, S, and Se              b.  B, C, and N

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a. These elements are all Group VIA elements and thus possess six valence electrons. (The number of valence electrons and the periodic-table group number will always match for representative elements.) The Lewis symbols, which all have six “dots,” are
\quad\quad\quad \cdot\overset{\cdot\cdot}{\underset{\cdot}{O}}:\quad\quad \cdot\overset{\cdot\cdot}{\underset{\cdot}{S}}:\quad\quad \cdot\overset{\cdot\cdot}{\underset{\cdot}{Se}}:
b. These elements are sequential elements in Period 2 of the periodic table; B is in Group IIIA (three valence electrons), C is in Group IVA (four valence electrons), and N is in Group VA (five valence electrons). The Lewis symbols for these elements are
\quad\quad\quad \cdot\overset{\cdot}{\underset{}{B}}\cdot \quad\quad \cdot\overset{\cdot}{\underset{\cdot}{C}}\cdot \quad\quad :\overset{\cdot}{\underset{\cdot}{N}}\cdot

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