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Question 2.5: Answer the questions below about the ions described. a Alumi...

Answer the questions below about the ions described.
ⓐ Aluminum is found in rubies and sapphires. How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in this aluminum ion: _{13}^{27}Al^{3+}?
ⓑ Sulfur is present in an ore called chalcocite. The ion in the ore has 16 neutrons and 18 electrons. Write the nuclear symbol for the ion.
ⓒ An element found more abundantly in the sun and meteorites than on earth has an ion with a +2 charge. It has 38 electrons and 51 neutrons. Write its nuclear symbol.

nuclear symbol and charge Information given:
A, Z Information implied:
p^{+}, n, e^{-} Asked for:

STRATEGY (for all parts)

1. Recall the placement of Z and A in the nuclear symbol.
2. Z = p^{+}; A = p^{+} + n; e^{-} = p^{+} − charge

e^{-} , n Information given:
Z Information implied:
nuclear symbol for S Asked for:

e^{-} , n , charge Information given:
nuclear symbol Asked for:
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