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Q. 6.10

Chapter 6

Q. 6.10

Arnold Aardvark is sunbathing on a lookout platform at \mathbf{x}_0=a \mathbf{i}+b \mathbf{j}  in the frame \Phi=\left\{O ; \mathbf{i}_k\right\}  when he spots Percy Panther at O preparing to fire an artillery gun pointed directly toward the platform, as shown in Fig. 6.5. The gun has a muzzle velocity  v_0  and the tower is well within its range r . At the moment the gun is fired, Arnold Aardvark, sensing impending danger, grabs his umbrella, steps through a hole in the platform, and falls freely in pursuit of safety toward the ground. Determine the distance d that separates Arnold Aardvark and the shell at the instant t* when it crosses his line of fall.

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