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Question 4.3: Deciding Whether Precipitation Occurs For each of the follow...

Deciding Whether Precipitation Occurs

For each of the following, decide whether a precipitation reaction occurs. If it does, write the balanced molecular equation, and then the net ionic equation. If no reaction occurs, write the compounds followed by an arrow and then NR (no reaction).

a. Aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and iron(II) nitrate are mixed.

b. Aqueous solutions of aluminum sulfate and sodium hydroxide are mixed.


Start by writing the formulas of the compounds that are mixed. (If you have trouble with this, see Examples 2.3 and 2.4.) Then, assuming momentarily that the compounds do react, write the exchange reaction. Make sure that you write the correct formulas of the products. Using the solubility rules, append phase labels to each formula in the equation. If one of the products is a precipitate, reaction occurs; otherwise, no reaction occurs.

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