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Question 1.6: Finding components of vectors Here we will use vector compon...

Finding components of vectors Here we will use vector components to track the positions of Raoul and Maria as they set out walking from their aunt’s house. For simplicity, we will assume that the aunt’s house is at the origin of our coordinate system. Raoul walks a certain distance straight east and then a certain distance straight north. He ends up at a position that is 500 m from the house in a direction that is 35°north of east. Maria, instead, walks first straight west and then straight south. Her final position is 700 m from the starting point in a direction that is 55° south of west. How far did Raoul walk on the east leg of his trip? How far on the north leg? Similarly, how far did Maria walk on the west leg and how far on the south leg? Express these quantities in terms of displacement vectors and their components, using a coordinate system with the +x axis pointing east and the +y axis pointing north.

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