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Q. 6.P.22

Chapter 6

Q. 6.P.22

The flowrate of air in a 305 mm diameter duct is measured with a pitot tube which is used to traverse the cross-section. Readings of the differential pressure recorded on a water manometer are taken with the pitot tube at ten different positions in the cross-section.
These positions are so chosen as to be the mid-points of ten concentric annuli each of the same cross-sectional area. The readings are as follows:

Position 1 2 3 4 5
Manometer reading (mm water) 18.5 18.0 17.5 16.8 15.8
Position 6 7 8 9 10
Manometer reading (mm water) 14.7 13.7 12.7 11.4 10.2

The flow is also metered using a 50 mm orifice plate across which the pressure differential is 150 mm on a mercury-under-water manometer. What is the coefficient of discharge of the orifice meter?

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