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Question 7.4: TRACK LENGHT OF A COMPACT DISC GOAL Relate angular to linear...


GOAL Relate angular to linear variables.

PROBLEM In a compact disc player, as the read head moves out from the center of the disc, the angular speed of the disc changes so that the linear speed at the position of the head remains at a constant value of about 1.3 m/s. (a) Find the angular speed of a CD of radius 6.00 cm when the read head is at r = 2.0 cm and again at r = 5.6 cm. (b) An old-fashioned record player rotates at a constant angular speed, so the linear speed of the record groove moving under the detector (the stylus) changes. Find the linear speed of a 45.0-rpm record at points 2.0 cm and 5.6 cm from the center. (c) In both the CDs and phonograph records, information is recorded in a continuous spiral track. Calculate the total length of the track for a CD designed to play for 1.0 h.

STRATEGY This problem is just a matter of substituting numbers into the appropriate equations. Part (a) requires relating angular and linear speed with Equation 7.10, v_t = rω, solving for ω, and substituting given values. In part (b), convert from rev/min to rad/s and substitute straight into Equation 7.10 to obtain the linear speeds. In part (c), linear speed multiplied by time gives the total distance.

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