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Question 4.5: Writing an Equation for a Neutralization Write the molecular...

Writing an Equation for a Neutralization

Write the molecular equation and then the net ionic equation for the neutralization of nitrous acid, HNO_2, by sodium hydroxide, NaOH, both in aqueous solution. Use an arrow with H^+ over it to show the proton transfer.


Start by writing the acid and base reactants and the salt product. Recall that the salt consists of cations from the base and anions from the acid. Note also that water is frequently a product; if it is, you will not be able to balance the equation without it. Once you have the balanced molecular equation, write the complete ionic equation. Do that by representing any strong electrolytes by the formulas of their ions. Finally, write the net ionic equation by canceling any spectator ions, and from it note the proton transfer.

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