Q. 20.9

Design a model predictive controller for the process

G_{p}(s)=\frac{e^{-6 s}}{10 s+1} \quad G_{v}=G_{m}=1

Select a value of N based on 95 \% completion of the step response and \Delta t=2. Simulate the closed-loop response for a set-point change using the following design parameters:

\begin{array}{lll}\text { (a) } M=1 & P=7 & R = 0 \end{array} \begin{array}{lll}\text { (b) } M=1 & P=5 & R = 0 \end{array} \begin{array}{lll}\text { (c) } M=4 & P=30 & R=0\end{array}


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