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Chapter 3

Q. 3.1

Prepare a Balance Sheet for Dip Co. as at December 31,20X1, given the information below (in lei):

Accounts payable 1560
Capital 61,880
Warehouse 65,000
Accrued costs of rent 780
Trade receivable 650
Dividends pied 5200
Prepayment 390
Machines 10,400
Bank overdraft 2600
Profit for the year 10,400
Motor vehicles 11,700
Taxes payable 4550
Inventories 20,800
Long term loan 32,500
Cash 130


Verified Solution

Assets Lei O.E. + Liabilities Lei
Non-current assets: 87,100 Owner’s Equity 67,080
Warehouse 65,000 Capital 61,880
Machines 10,400 Profit 10,400
Motor vehicles 11,700 Dividends pied (5200)
Current assets: 21,970 Non-current liabilities 32,500
Inventories 20,800
Trade receivable 650 Long term loan 32,500
Prepayment 390 Current liabilities 9490
Cash 130 Bank overdraft 2600
lei 109,070 Account payable 1560
Taxes payable 4550
Accrued costs 780
lei 109,070