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Question 19.5: You are designing a FRET experiment to determine the magnitu...

You are designing a FRET experiment to determine the magnitude of the structural change introduced by substrate binding to an enzyme. Using site specific mutagenesis, you have constructed a mutant form of the enzyme that possesses a single tyrosine residue and a single tryptophan residue, and these residues are separated by 11 \mathring{A}. You would like to determine if the distance between these residues changes with substrate binding. The fluorescence of tyrosine overlaps with the tryptophan absorption; therefore, these two amino acids form a FRET pair for which r_{0}=9  \mathring{A}, determined using the absorption and emission spectra in combination with Equation (19.181). Calculate the FRET efficiency at 11 \mathring{A} separation and how much this distance must increase in order for the efficiency to decrease by 20\%, the experimental detection limit.

r_{0}\left(\mathring{A}\right)=8.79 ×10^{-5}\left( \frac{k^{2}J\Phi_{f}}{n^{4}} \right)^{1/6}                 (19.181)


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