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Question 6.IT.9: An aldehyde (A) (C11H10O) which does not undergo self aldol ......

An aldehyde (A) (C_{11}H_{10}O) which does not undergo self aldol condensation, gives benzaldehyde and 2 moles of (B) on ozonolysis. Compound (B) on oxidation with Tollen’s reagent gives an oxalic acid. Calculate the number of \pi -bonds in the original C_5H_{12}O

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As per given problem the structure of C_{11}H_{10} is

\begin{matrix} CH = CH – CH = CH – CHO \\\overset{\text {Heat}}{\underset{- H _2 O / Zn}{\longrightarrow }} \\\\\\\\\ \end{matrix}

\begin{matrix} \overset {\text {(A)}}{} \stackrel{ +2( CHO )_2}{\text {(B)}} & \overset{Ag \left( NO _3\right)_2^{+}}{\xrightarrow {\hspace{2 cm}} }  & \stackrel{ (COOH)_2}{\text {Oxalic acid}}\\\\\\\\\\\ \end{matrix}

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